The September Issue

by Wadha Al-Jaber

Today I woke up with a strong urge to watch a fashion documentary. I googled the worth watching ones and in every list, people recommended The September Issue. To be honest I didn’t find the name very appealing, however, when I read that The September Issue was about Vogue magazine I didn’t hesitate to watch it.

I wanted to know more about the powerful Anna Wintour the editor and chief of American Vogue and of course Grace Coddington the creative director of the same magazine. Surprisingly, Grace Coddington turned out to be such a genuine and a lovely person, despite her look. Her creative imagination was mind blowing! After all she worked in the fashion industry for more than forty years; which I found incredible for a woman to love and devote to her work that much.

About Anna, I thought she would be so intimidating and cruel like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, however, I once again was wrong. Anna was very kind and she gave her time to young aspiring designers and was extremely supportive to them despite her crazy loaded schedule. The September Issue talks about how American Vogue is aiming to make Vogue’s biggest issues that is 120 pages long. If fashion is your passion, then this documentary is definitely recommended for you. it will show you the real fashion world and how busy and hard these people work. I found this documentary to be absolutely amusing. Highly recommended!

The trailer