Book Review: Several Books

by Wadha Al-Jaber

If you’re not a book fan, then this post is gonna bore the hell out of you LOL. I believe it’s the right time to review some of the books I’ve read in the past year or so. In no particular order my favorites are:

1- Please Look After Mom by Kyung-Sook Shin

As a fan of Korean culture, I wanted to read a book written by one. I was definitely surprised by the way it was written. But again, everyone has a different way of expressing their thoughts. Please Look After Mom was written differently yet beautifully. This book is seriously going to break your heart. It is one of these rare books that discusses how mothers really suffer and sacrifice when it comes to their children’s happiness, and how mothers love their kids unconditionally.

2- The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I bet everyone heard about this book, If you think that the book is overrated, then think again because you’re wrong. I don’t know if I’m cursed or unlucky but every time I like a book cover or summary it turns out to be the saddest book ever. The Fault In Our Stars is going to make you cry big time, it talks about a tragic love story between a female cancer patient and a recent recovered one. It’s not a depressing book most of the time. The book is going to make you wonder if this kind of strong tensed love exist nowadays.

3- Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

I like a book with a good message and Alchemist surely has one of the best messages, which we will not disagree about. The book elaborates that no one should ever give up on their dreams no matter how silly or absurd people will find it. What attracted me is its simplicity, it’s as simple as it gets. Moreover, I liked that most of the events accord in the Arabian deserts where it demonstrated real Bedouin names, traditions and culture. It show that Paulo did his research.

4- Life’s Little Instruction Book by H. Jackson Brown, Jr

This book was initially small advices/tips written by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. for his son, as he was leaving for college. It’s a light and simple book that the readers will definitely learn a lot from. I use some of the advices and I can safely say that this book will change your view on life and will make you see things differently, but clearly as well.

Now lets move on to the books I immensely disliked. These books made me cringe, big time!

1- Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

“Everyone in Japan has read this book and absolutely loved it.” Let me say one thing, I hated this book with passion and I mean it. First of all I don’t get how this book is the best seller of all time in Japan to be precise. It’s so depressing, twisted and dark, five people committed suicide in this novel. Also, I don’t recommend this book for children, as it includes detailed sexual interactions. I continued reading the book for the hope that I will like the ending but when I got to it, I didn’t like it at all. I literally threw the book when I finished reading because I felt that my time was wasted on nothing, I did not learn anything nor did I enjoy the storyline.

2- By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept by Paulo Coehlo

I know, I know, a Paulo Coelho book and I didn’t like? I was very surprised too. Before reading this book I read two of his books which are Alchemist and Manual of the Warrior of Light, and I was impressed with both. There’s nothing special about this book, its about a man who struggles between being a priest/ miracle maker or marrying the love of his life. A boring and uneventful plot between the main characters.