All Time Favorites

by Wadha Al-Jaber

I was planning to write a post about my all time favorite for so long and never got the time or the effort to do so. I am being a bad blogger, I know. :p


I have noticed that most of my favourite products are pink. Coincidence? I don’t think so LOL!

From left to right:

1- Forever 21 Bunny Make-Up Bag: I fell in love with this makeup bag right when I saw it on the shelf! It is so cute and really practical. To add more, it has so much space and I can fit my entire make up and brushes inside it. Really.

2- One moment by One Direction: I know, I know, One Direction seriously? The lotion smells so good though! I am addicted to the smell. I can sniff my hands all day if I applied the lotion on. (Weird, but true)

3- Dior So Real Sunglasses: Believe it or not, the Dior sunglasses was an impulse purchase, and it was the best decision I’ve made in a while. I get compliments on my glasses wherever I go, which is very exciting!

4- Cherry Blossom Body Spray by The Body Shop: I absolutely love all Cherry Blossom products by the body shop and I have been buying this particular body spray for three years now.

5- Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain by Benefit: If you don’t know about this product by Benefit, you probably have been living under a rock! This lip and check stain is AMAZING! I use it as a lipstick most of the time, as it leaves a natural color on my lips.

6- Bioderma Moisturizer: Since I have a sensitive skin, almost all the moisturizers I apply irritate and breakout my skin, however, my skin seems to like Bioderma for some reason! Bioderma leaves my skin pimple-free and most importantly hydrated.

7- H&M Ear Cuff Earrings: This is one of the most stylish and edgy earrings I own. I usually like small and classic earrings, like pearls, but I just couldn’t resist not buying this piece of art.

8- Victoria Secret Blush: I was sad to know that Victoria Secret will no longer offer their make-up line, so I bought a bunch of their blush, because it is the absolute best. Makes my pink cheeks look super natural!