Victoria Beckham; The Fashion Designer

by Wadha Al-Jaber

I have always admired and adored Victoria Beckham as a wife, mother, fashion designer and most importantly as a business woman.

Victoria Beckham had a big transition from being a Posh Spice Girl and a pop icon to where she is today, which not only required a good vision, but hard work and strong determination in order to understand how to earn respect and recognition in the competitive fashion industry.

The main reason I have admiration and respect for Mrs. Beckham is because she never let her ego ruin her business. Despite being a famous pop icon before making her debut as a fashion designer, she never really made a “huge jump” to the fashion world by opening retail stores all around the globe, in fact she did quite the opposite. She started with small fashion presentations and evolved from that. Also, she launched her E-commerce almost two year ago and just opened her first retail store in London in 2014 (after being in the fashion industry for almost 6 years.) So, starting big is not always the wisest decision to make, even though she had the talent, fame and the money to do so.

Moreover I admire her for the reason that Victoria acknowledges the fact that she is still learning the business and that she is not where she is today because she “made it alone”. During most of her talks, Victoria always mentions and gives credit to her team for helping her understand the business better in order to make the best business decisions she can to protect her brand equity.

In today’s crazy, fast and competitive fashion industry, Victoria Beckham has earned her spot and her brand marked its presence in the fashion world for being simple and sophisticated yet most importantly wearable.

Here’s a video of Victoria Beckham’s being interviewed by The New York Times in her studio.