Nighttime Beauty Routine

by Wadha Al-Jaber

For a long time I’v been using so many products on my face that my skin could not take it anymore and started to breakout. I have to say, the beginning of this year was hell for my face. I had pimples like I have never had in my entire teenage years, and I was freaking out on what to use in order to stop them from popping.

I went to many dermatologist asking for accutane, but they  refused telling me that my acne was not that severe for accutane, and prescribed me a punch of face washes and creams that did not work for me. So, I kept trying many products and used the ones that my skin positively cooperated with.

It took me so long to find out what makes my skin happy, because whatever I applied kept irritating my skin (I have a combination skin of oily T-Zone and dry cheeks). But I finally found the perfect regimen, so lets get started!

Firstly, I remove my make-up using either Sensai cleaning balm or Bioderma sensible H2O, both work really good with my skin and it does not itches or irritate my skin in any way. Plus, I found both products to be more effective in removing my make-up than the makeup wipes.

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Secondly, I wash my face using The Body Shop Tea Tree oil facial wash. The face wash does not perfectly dry out my oily T-Zone. Therefore, I also apply the Tea Tree Scrub to from The Body Shop as well to exfoliate my skin, and I must admit it works like magic! Finally, I apply the 100% concentrated tea tree oil only on the pimples or the scars and it actually dries the pimples out. I could not find a 100% concentrated tea tree oil in The Body Shop, however, you will be able to find it in any regular pharmacy.

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Thirdly, I apply GLAMGLOW mud mask on my face once or twice a week, it is very effective and keeps my skin not only dry, but also taut.

Finally, since I use many products to dry my face, I apply The Body Shop Vitamin E aqua boost sorbet cream to moisturize my face, but I only apply the it on my cheeks, because my nose and forehead become super oily whenever I apply the moisturizer on them.

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