Travel Diary: The Hague, Netherlands

by Wadha Al-Jaber

This summer I was SO excited to visit the Netherlands for the first time. Actually whenever I mention that fact in front of my mom, she always corrects me by saying and I quote “Your second time, you have been there when you were one, don’t you remember?”. Yes mom, I remember that like it was yesterday…

Anyways, The Hague was beyond my expectations. Literally. Everything was utter perfection, from the location of our hotel (which was in front of the beach, how cool is that!), to the wide range of restaurants, and of course the museums.

Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus


Scheveningen boulevard and beach



The Westbroekpark



Boat tour around the city  


The Mauritshuis museum 


      If you are planning to visit Amsterdam, try to fit in The Hague in your schedule as well, it’s a MUST visit, and is only 40 minutes (car ride) away from the capital city.